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What we do

Gluo is your one-stop DevOps shop. Whether you are looking for automation, configuration management, Linux expertise, containerization of your workload, migration to the cloud, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous deployment,… we have got you covered!

Using a wide range of opensource tools and technologies we help your development teams focus on what they know best (develop!) and assist your operations teams to keep up with the ever increasing demand for new platforms and services by your development teams.

CI/CD & Automation

Automation, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are an essential part of your DevOps workflow. With tools like Jenkins, Gitlab and terraform we help customers deploy new (automatically tested) code to production with a simple click on the button.

Gitops & Infrastructure as code

Our teams strongly believes in the power of GitOps and infrastructure-as-code. By using git as the single source of truth, teams can enhance collaboration.


We at Gluo we help you deploy your brand new microservices into production. With Kubernetes and docker leading the way, containers have reshaped the IT landscape the last couple of years.


Being cloud agnostic we are using (a combination of) different public cloud providers to help our customers to setup their environments in the cloud…. Azure, Google Cloud Platform & AWS

Research & Development

As new DevOps tools emerge rapidly, we spend our free time learning these tools and building different proof-of-concepts with them.

Linux & Opensource

At the core of everything we do at Gluo sits Linux. By leveraging the the powers of this OS and the huge pool of Opensource software that comes with it, we help our customers running their business faster and more reliably.

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