Workshop – DevSecOps

In this workshop you will discover more about DevSecOps. Throughout the labs, you will learn how you can develop and deploy software in the cloud, without forgetting about security! You will use specialised security tools like Trivy, Gatekeeper and Nikto, to find and fix vulnerabilities before the software is released. When you complete this workshop you will be able to deploy your own application without having to fear the most dangerous hacker groups!


  • Lab 01: Provision secure infrastructure with Terraform
  • Lab 02: Build a hardened Docker image
  • Lab 03: Create a secure Helm Chart
  • Lab 04: Deploy the application on the infrastructure
  • Lab 05: Analyse the security of the application in runtime

Used tools and technologies:

  • Gitlab
  • Terraform, Terrascan
  • Helm / Kubernetes, Gatekeeper
  • Docker, Trivy
  • Nikto


  • Group size: 10-20 (we work with teams of 2)
  • Duration: +/- 4 hours
  • Required knowledge: basic git knowledge