Workshop – Multicloud

At Gluo we are strong believers in choice, the choice of using the cloud provider of your liking. This is reflected in the projects we do. Some of our customers run on Azure, others on AWS and even others on Google Cloud and on-premises (or a mix of them). To optimally work in these multi-cloud environments we have selected the right set of tools, technologies and mindset.

In this hands-on workshop we will work our way up from a very basic application (running inside a Docker container) that was manually configured on a single cloud provider to a fully automated (using pipelines) multi-cloud setup.


  • Lab 01: Using Docker to build/run the application “locally”
  • Lab 02: Manually create infrastructure and run the application
  • Lab 03: Manually using CloudFormation and Bicep to create infrastructure and run application automatically
  • Lab 04: Manually using Terraform to create infrastructure and run application automatically
  • Lab 05: Using an automated pipeline for infrastructure creation
  • Lab 06: Using an automated pipeline for application deployment

Used tools and technologies:

  • Docker
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • Azure Bicep
  • AWS & Azure
  • Terraform
  • GitLab


  • Group size: 10-20 people (we work with teams of 2)
  • Duration: +/- 3 hours
  • Required knowledge: familiarity with Linux and command line would be beneficial